Dookie Butler
The clever solution to your back yard pollution.
Go play outside & Enjoy your yard
The Dookie Butler was created to make cleaning up solid animal waste in your back yard simple, clean, and most of all easy. It uses standard plastic grocery bags that attach to the Dookie Butler to collect pet deposits. When collection is complete, just remove the bag, tie the handles together, and dispose of the waste. No transferring and no mess! You can use the Dookie Butler everyday or once a week. The standard bag will hold plenty of loads. This product was designed to hold up to three bags at a time if needed to reinforce the containment of the collections.  With the Dookie Butler, you can clean up your yard in under five minuets.No more embarrassing moments for your guest stepping in a mess. Cleaning up your yard will reduce and eliminate pet odors in your back yard environment for entertaining. So tell you kids it's safe to play in the yard again - take back the use of your whole yard and enjoy the great outdoors.
Features and benefits of this product
1.Uses any standard plastic grocery bags.    
2.You can clean your yard anytime in minutes before pool parties, BBQ's,ect. 
3.The cost of this product is much less then the pet yard clean up services. 
4.It makes cleaning up poop very easy, clean with no touching of waste.
5.Product has been proven to work better then any collector on the market. 
6.Very simple to use with no parts to break down.
7. Creates a sanitary environment for your family and pets.
8. 100% made in the USA 

Loading instructions
Demo of product in use
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